#52 - you know its real

utallak. minden lelegzetveteledet utalom. utalom ahogyan itt fekszel es utalom azt akirol almodsz.
gyulolom azt aki vagy es azt aki leszel.

egyszer szerettelek. egyszer, tudom egy pillanatra szerettem azt, aki voltal.

you are not real anymore.


#51 - you're beautiful blue and white

there's a hole in the trust that we mapped out in my bed for six long months
well, I won't hold on, to this


#50 - close your eyes.let it go.

i guess you're done. cause i am done with you.

no matter how much is gonna hurt. i'm gonna be so complete without my feelings.

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guess what. the summer is over. but it still fuckin hurts.
guess what. i'm not gonna be there for you.

[mark borthwick]


#49 -i wil let you in

we both know it's going to be another long winter, but I still like the wind
all I said, I didn't mean,nothing seems to thaw the icy sentiment
of love that's gone once winter's spent

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cause nothing is worse than seeing you worse than me
and nothing hurts like seeing you hurt like me

[au revoir, simone & adeline mai]


#48 - i wanna say


i wannabe a fuckedup musician.
earnestly. from now on, this is my dream..

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the question is do you ?