#89. i remember when the days were long

and everything that I said was true.


i just want to have you again.



the wind comes to take everything we have
take everything and carry it away,
there is nothing we can do

like leaves we will flow
through the land,
we will lose our golden wings
she said: there is nothing we can do


i cannot find you
show me where you are

hol vagy?
ne menj el.


#85. i love you, rebel.

i miss taking you home
i miss this messi miss themi miss your roomi miss warm weatheri miss the death fucking metalwhat i miss here is a beautiful secret
i miss our first date
i miss your perfume i miss how you shut your eyes
i'm so in love with you
i miss usi miss our lunchi miss crossing the line
i miss the ciklamen utcai miss the beginning
i miss the night before
that dress looks lovely on you
i miss our drunken nights
i miss you, rebel i miss your flati miss the summeri miss sweet dreamsi miss the ccci miss goodbyes
i miss my twin sized bed
i miss that high heel
i don't miss that place at all (only you, from here)
i miss wearing my dad's grey shirt
i miss spend some time together
i miss some easy thing
i miss your wet hair i miss being strongi miss to be alone with you
i miss your blonde hairi miss your thoughts
i miss flyingi miss the perfect you
somehow, i miss my past but it starts all over now





#83. komolyan?

az, hogy duhos vagy nem jogosit fel arra hogy eltiporj.
ha megis ugyerzed hogy nincs semmi, amit megbantal volna, akkor ezentul en is igy fogok reagalni.
nezzuk meg, ki jut messzebbre.

#82. you've found somebody is it true?

that's real, was it you?
it's loud
that's right
is it bright?
could have tried
or break down
you know my heart's outside.

29/03 into the sky again. i'll still have 277 days to find myself.




nem tudom, el akarlak e felejteni, vagy meg akarlak e tartani magamban
bar csak el tudnam temetni mindazt, ami bennem van ebben a pillanatban.

el kell hinnem hogy en nem az a lany vagyok.


#79. that ocean in the sky

the fear was gone, but not the other demons.

“dying before you.”




the useful mobile-me.


#76. sundays are the worst.

[vasárnap én sem húzom meg a csavarokat.]


tomorrow's gonna be great..



keep an eye on her. she is worth it.