#85. i love you, rebel.

i miss taking you home
i miss this messi miss themi miss your roomi miss warm weatheri miss the death fucking metalwhat i miss here is a beautiful secret
i miss our first date
i miss your perfume i miss how you shut your eyes
i'm so in love with you
i miss usi miss our lunchi miss crossing the line
i miss the ciklamen utcai miss the beginning
i miss the night before
that dress looks lovely on you
i miss our drunken nights
i miss you, rebel i miss your flati miss the summeri miss sweet dreamsi miss the ccci miss goodbyes
i miss my twin sized bed
i miss that high heel
i don't miss that place at all (only you, from here)
i miss wearing my dad's grey shirt
i miss spend some time together
i miss some easy thing
i miss your wet hair i miss being strongi miss to be alone with you
i miss your blonde hairi miss your thoughts
i miss flyingi miss the perfect you
somehow, i miss my past but it starts all over now