even if i could tell you.

#104.unwise need for heartless love

i want you stranger, i will love you ever, i want you so bad.
come on, find me.
sing me a love song,
tell me we gonna die together,
tell me it will last forever,
'if i could write, i'd tell you how much i miss these nights.'
and i need to find ourselves in each other and i need you to liberate me,
come on, please find me.



you and me, finally


hello, krkw.






you know that i am ******, right?


#99. taking it slow, feeling low

and I've been with you, for all of these years
tell you what I've got to show for all of my tears
the times you hurt me, and treated me wrong
something had to give to stop this thing from going on.


#98. life.



who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?
who are we to find ourselves in other people's beds?

this love is not what you want
this heart will never be yours
i don't think you know me much at all.



music by name the pet.
vodka by absolut.


there are so many things i should tell you.


#94.i would’ve died for someone like you.

someday will come and you’ll be gone,

someday you’ll go and leave me.

someday you’ll do it like before,

someday you’ll do it for me.


#93.cut out all the ropes and let me fall

let me fall.
i told you to be patient
i told you to be fine
i told you to be balanced
i told you to be kind
now all your love is wasted?
then who the hell was I?
who will love you?
who will fight?
who will fall far behind?
[never you]

-az a rossz hogy a dolgok amik hianyoznak azokat nem tudod potolni.
-en nem, de mas tudna potolni bennem, en tudom hogy mas kepes lenne ra.


az eletem abbol allt hogy nem merek. '10 mas. En, en vagyok. ha nem tetszem neked, nem kerlek hogy maradj mellettem. ez mar nem az en dontesem tobbe.



26 days 'till.... !


#90. the decision is in that i won't break

i've come too far to let you bring me down
i can hear you cry, under the sound of my footsteps
i stare through you and i stand quite still
how can I trust you? how could you need me now?


#89. i remember when the days were long

and everything that I said was true.


i just want to have you again.



the wind comes to take everything we have
take everything and carry it away,
there is nothing we can do

like leaves we will flow
through the land,
we will lose our golden wings
she said: there is nothing we can do


i cannot find you
show me where you are

hol vagy?
ne menj el.


#85. i love you, rebel.

i miss taking you home
i miss this messi miss themi miss your roomi miss warm weatheri miss the death fucking metalwhat i miss here is a beautiful secret
i miss our first date
i miss your perfume i miss how you shut your eyes
i'm so in love with you
i miss usi miss our lunchi miss crossing the line
i miss the ciklamen utcai miss the beginning
i miss the night before
that dress looks lovely on you
i miss our drunken nights
i miss you, rebel i miss your flati miss the summeri miss sweet dreamsi miss the ccci miss goodbyes
i miss my twin sized bed
i miss that high heel
i don't miss that place at all (only you, from here)
i miss wearing my dad's grey shirt
i miss spend some time together
i miss some easy thing
i miss your wet hair i miss being strongi miss to be alone with you
i miss your blonde hairi miss your thoughts
i miss flyingi miss the perfect you
somehow, i miss my past but it starts all over now